Nursery from 45 days to 1.2 years 🧷

At this stage your baby learns to feel comfortable, protected and safe; developing skills such as sitting, rolling, crawling and walking. It works all your senses and strengthens your entire body.

Toddlers 1.2 years to 2.6 years 🍭

Your little one begins to express himself to obtain what he wants, begins to repeat words, walk and avoid objects. At this stage we begin to promote the independence of each child by creating hygiene and health habits.

Pre-K 2.6 years to 3.11 years 🎈

You already have a big boy who communicates his ideas. Imagination begins. In this stage the child jumps, walks on tiptoe, builds a tower of 8 cubes, goes up and down steps by himself and asks questions. You already have greater independence, managing to perform many activities without requiring help.



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